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Educational Websites

Arkive focuses on different educational games that empower kids to become smarter while having fun learning the information. The content primarily focuses on science, puzzles, animals, the environment, and conservation efforts.

HistoryPin is an exciting and current way to learn history through tours and collections that engages users “pin” to the site. The pins are arranged chronologically to create timelines that are both memorable and fun.


Spelling provides many different spelling tools, along with games, fantastic teaching resources, and videos.  My students can use this web-site by loging in using their AR user name and password to practice their spelling words for the week.

act Monster is a great site from “Information Please” that breaks information down into different subjects, presenting it in a way that is meant to engage children and be the most beneficial.


Greg Lieberman studies computer sciences, and makes games for elementary-age children to help them learn. The Grammar Ninja is one of those games, a tool that teaches grammar and sentence structure in a fun and kid-friendly environment.


TVOKids is an interactive spelling bee game that helps kids up to the age of 11 further refine their spelling skills. The site’s colorful, inviting layout makes learning a fun experience for any child.


Smarty Games is a useful site that provides really great educational games for children to refine their skill sets in a number of areas. The site’s colorful layout is particularly engaging as well.

Parents can introduce their K-12 children to this site, which can act as an interactive math tutor. Game rooms, flashcards, and puzzles all help students get a grip on math — some games are available for smartphones, too.

The Magic School Bus Games is an online portal of educational games based on the book series, The Magic School Bus. The games all convey useful building blocks of knowledge to help any students.

Turtle Diary is an educational website that teaches students through engaging games that are fun and with content that is catered to specific grades and the work they will typically face. Subjects typically are math, English, and science, and there are even supplementary worksheets.

Funbrain is a site full of engaging, entertaining educational games designed for children. The useful tools largely make a useful foundation for students developing.

StarFall helps children learn to read and provides extremely adequate resources for furthering their education through engaging and fun reads.

MathGameTime is a site dense with games designed to sharpen student’s math skills and it even breaks down the games by grade, ranging from Pre-K to 7th grade.

Cool Math helps make learning fun for children and spin math as the cool and happening thing. The site boasts math advice for students of any age and even has a section with featured cool math games.