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Daily Home Fitness Exercise Routine during COVID-19

Daily Home Fitness Exercise Routine During COVID-19

West Texas Elementary Physical Education


I want to encourage each of you to stay healthy by practicing daily routines that are important for you to maintain a healthy body and mind.  The keys to staying healthy are proper nutrition, getting enough sleep, and daily physical fitness exercise. 

Nutrition:  Healthy eating is especially important for keeping your immune system in top condition. Food provides fuel for your mind and body to function most effectively and to get the most out of your day.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of healthy fluids so you stay hydrated. Make wise choices when you have your meals and snacks. 

Sleep:  Remember that getting enough sleep is important to give your body and mind the opportunity to recharge for the next day.  Sleep helps you to stay focused, improve concentration, and perform to your best ability.  Adequate sleep contributes to your overall health and well-being. It is recomended that you get 9-12 hours of sleep every 24 hour period. 

Exercise:  Get up and move each day. Daily exercise is important to maintain and improve muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Try to exercise at least 60 minutes throughout the day.  Find activities that you enjoy and have fun. 

I am providing a list of our daily routines in Physical Education class that you will recognize.  I encourage you to include these exercises throughout your day.  I encourage you to work hard to stay physically active and do your best to be your best.  You do not have to do all of these exercises all at once.  I encourage you to break these up into morning, afternoon, and evening exercises.  Remember to stretch and warm up slowly and make your own choices of fun games to play after you do these exercises.  I also would challenge you to set your own goals when choosing exercises.  If you were able to do three proper push ups yesterday, what is your goal today?  Will you try your hardest to accomplish five push ups today or will you push yourself to get seven?  I always want you to try and improve your abilities every single day but make sure you set goals that are attainable.  It would not be reasonable to say that I am going to do 100 push ups today. 

These are the exercises that you know very well and that I encourage you to work on every day just like we do in the gym.  Make sure you remember how important that it is that you are getting your classwork done for teachers in your other classes.   It is a good idea to take a moment to get a little movement exercise for physical education when you are taking a break, an activity break that is.

Lets get your heart pounding and your breathing faster.  Don’t be afraid to sweat. 

Good Morning Exercises

Bicycle Ride – Do 25 circles

Popcorn/ Pop – Challenge yourself to do three of these (Remember to keep your head off the floor, don’t let those feet hit the floor)

Rocking Horse – Keep that chin on your shoulder, count to twenty, then touch your chin to your other shoulder and count to twenty.  For extra fun you may want to do the Giraffe for twenty seconds also (remember he has a long neck so stretch that chin forward)

Superman – Hold this flying position for a count of twenty.  Super heroes use good form so keep those arms and legs straight and have a super flight

Arm Scissors - Keep those arms out straight and don’t cut too fast while you count to twenty

Torso Twists or Trunk Twisters – My favorite, use this one as your active rest period.  Keep your feet planted on one spot and twist slowly and under control

Swim – Don’t swim too fast because remember it isn’t a race, we are simply trying to warm your muscles up in order to get you ready to play your game.  Count to twenty and then swim backwards for a twenty count.  Just like swimming in the pool, make sure you are breathing in and out properly and not holding your breath the entire time

Arm Circles – Remember to keep those arms up by your shoulders and keep those elbows straight.  10 circles forward and 10 circles backwards

Whew!  That was a good morning workout. 

Now go and play something fun that you choose to do. 

You will see the next set of exercises below that I want to challenge you to stay fit with in the afternoon

Locomotor Movement Afternoons:

These exercises do not have to be limited to afternoons only but they are just great examples that you already know that get you up and get your heart pumping and your muscles working.  I like these in the afternoon because I get to that point in the day that I just need to move and burn some energy.  Have Fun!!!

Jogging – See how far or how long you can jog.  Remember, jogging is not a full speed running race.  Start out slow and make sure you are breathing in and out.  If you do not breathe properly you will get that pain in your side.  Keep your head up and relax those shoulders.  Pump your arms and pick those knees up. 

Skipping – You know the old hop skip routine.  This is my favorite of all the locomotor movements.  Skip as long as you want to.

Galloping – Remember when you gallop to keep one leg behind you.  If you criss cross it becomes a run.  Don’t drag that back leg on the ground though.  So gallop those horses and have a nice ride.

Shuffling – Shuffle slide sideways one direction for 10 steps and then slide shuffle back 10 steps.  Make sure you keep facing the same direction both times so you get to slide left and right

Hopping – See if you can hop like a bunny ten hops one direction and then turn around and hop back 10 big hops.  Keep those feet together.

Hop on one foot – I want to challenge you to see if you can hop up and down on one foot 3 times.  Can you do more?  Do you think you can do 10?  Great Job!  Now try hopping on the other foot.  How did you do?  As long as you do your best that is all that I ever ask. 

Crab Walk – Oh I love this one.  You have to use those upper body muscles also if you are going to walk like a crab.  Hold yourself up and try not to crash to the ground.  How far can you walk as a crab?  Don’t scoot across the floor, a crab walks on all four.  Well, actually they have ten legs, did you know that?  I may ask you that someday so make sure you remember that.  He uses eight of those for walking and the front two for pinching and picking things up. 

Bear Crawl – Can you walk like a bear?  I bet you can if you just try. Remember it isn’t a baby crawl so get up off those knees and walk on those hands and feet.  Keep your head up so you can see where you are going.  It is ok if you have to stop and rest along your way.  Don’t go too fast and out of control.  It is more about proper form than racing.  A strong bear is always under control and he never falls down. 

Wow that was a great movement workout.  Did you get tired and break a sweat?  Remember to get a drink of water so you can stay hydrated with fluids.  Make good choices and don’t drink too many sugars. 

Oh yes, I almost forgot.  I know most of you are always anxious and are all wanting to ask, “Coach, but when can we RUN?”  OK, Take off, have a nice run, make it a safe trip.

Good Evening Exercise: 

You have done great throughout the day and it is a great idea to get another workout in the evening while not only exercising your muscles as you slow down at the end of the day but some of these also challenge your mind and body together.  Are you up for the challenge??

Heel Toe Walking – Keep those toes touching those heels.  You can walk along a line but you do not need a line to heel toe walk.  I want to challenge you to a contest.   How many steps can you take without messing up?  Remember to keep your hands on your hips.  If you fall over or your hands come off your hips those are mistakes.  How many did you do?  Try again and see if you can beat your last score.  See if you can beat yesterdays top score as well.  Remember, I love competition but when I perform these challenges I love to compete against my own scores so that I know that I am pushing forward in the attempt to make myself better and improve my own skills.  Always try your best to make you your best. 

Crossover Walk – I can crossover walk even if I do not have a line or a rope to step across.  But if you need something to step across what ideas do you have that you could use as a straight line?  I have used jump ropes and also the tug o war ropes in the gym before as a straight line.  Can you think of any others?  Give it a try and see how you do.  How many steps can you take without making a mistake?  I bet you can do a lot of steps and travel a long distance.

Jumping Jacks-  Can you do a proper jumping jack?  How many are you able to do?  This will get your heart pumping at the end of the day which helps you to relax after a great workout.  Were you able to do 20, 25, 50?  Breathe properly and get that heart pumping that blood throughout your body.  Are you serious, can you do 50????  You are amazing. 

Push Ups-  Make sure you keep that back straight and lower yourself with your arms by Bending those Elbows.  Try to bend those elbows to 90 degrees and make a good “L” with those arms, and then extend your arms and push yourself back up.  How many good ones can you do?  Challenge yourself to become stronger each time.  Don’t touch those knees to the ground.  Only count the good ones.  Remember to stay straight as a board and no mountains or valleys.  Don’t hold your breath when you do these.  The only way that you can get stronger is to work your muscles.  The only way you can improve and do more push ups each time is to practice.  Keep working hard and challenge yourself to never give up. 

Sit ups/ Crunches – Ok lets work those stomach muscles and challenge yourself to do five good sit ups.  If that was easy then see if you can get to 10.  Remember to keep those knees bent and your feet on the floor.  Cross your arms in front of your chest or behind your head if you prefer (but don’t pull on your neck too hard).  Use those muscles in your core to raise yourself up.  Make sure and go all the way back down and touch your head to the floor each time.  Be careful not to slam your head to the floor. 

One foot balance – Do you want another challenge?  See if you can stand on one foot and balance.  Put your hands on your hips and balance on one foot.  You may count or use a timer to see how long you can stand still balancing on one foot without falling over or messing up.  Try the same challenge while standing on the other foot.  Practice makes you better so work hard because I want to challenge you the next time I see you. 

Amazing.  That was a great day of exercise.  You are awesome.  I always ask you to put your awesome on and to show me your best.  I hope you have had fun performing the workout that I have given you for your daily exercise.  I was also wondering what other ideas you could play throughout the day.  What ideas can you challenge yourself to come up with?  Here are some of the ideas I think you could probably do around the house.  See if you like any of these thoughts, if so then why don’t you give it a try.

Jump Rope

Bounce a Ball

Hula Hoop

Toss and Catch a ball to yourself

Ride a Bike

Kick a ball

Roll a ball

Shoot a basketball

Take a walk

Those are just a few good thoughts.  But I bet you can come up with so many more ideas than what I can. 

I also want to remind you to stretch your muscles every day.  A good routine is to stretch when you get up in the morning and to stretch again before you exercise.  Another excellent time to stretch is right before you go to bed because stretching your muscles out relaxes you, which can help you to sleep better.

It is important to exercise and stay fit every day.  But remember that the most important things that I always like to remind you is to Play Hard, Stay Safe and to Have Fun! 


Coach Seymour