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Magic Tree House Daily Read Aloud

On this page, I will be reading a chapter a day from a Magic Tree House book. In class, I love to read to the kids and usually I will read a book from The Magic Tree House series because they are perfect for boys and girls. They teach kids that their imagination can take them anywhere they want to go!!  I hope you enjoy!


Make sure you check back daily to listen to the next chapter. 

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House Book 1) (Paperback) (Mary ...

Dinosaurs Before Dark

Chapter One: Into the Woods



Chapter Two: The Monster



Chapter Three: Where is Here?



Chapter 4: Henry


Chapter 5: Gold in the Grass


Chapter 6: Dinosaur Valley


Chapter 7: Ready, Set, Go!


Chapter 8: A Giant Shadow


Chapter 9: The Amazing Ride


Chapter 10: Home Before Dark


Amy Cheatwood

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