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Goal:   Open up Texas businesses at 25% capacity, starting May 1st.

Continue to:   Wash hands, disinfect surfaces, and cover coughs.  Stay Home if you are sick!

This will help our healthcare workers manage the severe cases coming in our hospitals.  It is recommended that if you have MILD flu like or virus symptoms, manage these at home and isolate yourself. If you feel you have illness symptoms that are moderate to severe, always call your Doctor or the ER before showing up there.  There is a self checker online tool lilnk on the dshs website.


25,297 cases confirmed in Texas including 205 counties


There are multiple cases in Hutchinson County 

663 deaths in Texas



757,875 confirmed cases in US

(that is an increase of over 92,000 since Friday)

53,922 deaths in the US

A little more than 5,000 deaths since Friday

This virus is spread from person to person.  Effective ways to flatten the curve… meaning slow the travel rate of the virus, include, covering coughs, staying home especially when sick, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, and maintaing at least a six foot distance when you have to go out for essentials (also known as social distancing).  Only collective efforts will slow the spread and help our healthcare system and healthcare workers.

Prediction:  Phase II of OPEN TEXAS will happen if after Phase I we do not see a sharp increase in the curve.  Phase II will allow 50% capacity in businesses.

Amarillo now has a mobile testing site.  The phone number to call if you think you need to be tested is 806-378-6300… they will screen you over the phone and determine if you should be tested.  Again, all MILD symptoms should shelter and treat themselves at home.

Any questions, you can call 211 Texas and choose option 6.

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Source: Department of State Health Services

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