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Students in elementary physical education are required by State law to have a minimum of 135 minutes of physical education per week.  Of that time, half of those minutes must meet moderate to vigorous physical activity levels.  Physical education is a class and students will be required to participate.  Their entire grade in phyisical education will be based upon their participation or level of participation.  Physical education is a class just like any other and it is structured and goal oriented and it is definitely not free choice recess. 

We will perform the State required Fitnessgram testing program in third grade.  We will also work on improving individual skills in the areas of gross motor and fine motor skills, endurance, agility, strength, speed, coordination, balance and flexibility. 

Our goal is to promote lifetime physical fitness, health, and well-being.  Students will learn to work with others as a team, treat others with respect, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  The importance of teamwork and sportsmanship will be stressed.  There will be an understanding that we will be successful in this class as a team and that we are stronger as a team than as individuals and that each member of the team is important.  Students will learn about character, how to socially get along with others when working on a task, about taking turns and sharing, and about health and nutrition as it relates to physical fitness.