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Physical Education Discipline Matrix

I have a discipline matrix that I use as a guide in physical education when addressing situations that arise.  I use this matrix as a tool to refer to but also realize that in an attempt to make sure that things are always handled fairly in all situations that each individual situation should be treated as just that.  As the teacher I have knowlege of the history and circumstances as well as tactics to encourage a positive outcome and redirection.  My goal is always for correction rather than punishment in these situations. 

Behavior Correction Discussion Office and/or parent contact      
Participation Verbal encouragement Redirection and discussion        
Listen/ follow instructions Verbal Correction 2nd Warning        
Hands to yourself Correction 2nd warning Parent contact and office referral      
Respect Others Correction Time to reflect & make sure to educate Office/ notify parents      
Good Sportsmanship Correction Discussion and redirection Office/ contact parents      
Play Safely Correction Redirection within the activity Office referral and parent contact      
No Horseplay Correction redirection to  alternate solution Office      
Physical Aggression Office Referral and documentation