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Grading Procedure


Grading for physical education is basically dependent upon a students participation or level of participation.  If a student is participating fully in the activity the way that it was taught and expected that they would participate, they will typically have a grade of 100%.  I do not grade based solely upon behavior.  Not participating or only minimally participating in the activity will result in points being removed from the grade.  However, misbehaving will result in a consequence.  It is true that by choosing not to participate or not follow instructions as directed is a chosen behavior and could end up in both a ticket punch and points removed from the grade for not participating or minimal participation.  It depends upon what the student is doing while not participating whether he or she is on the task at hand and whether or not the grade will be altered.  The grade for behavior is indicated by the letter grade on the report card in physical education.

I cannot ask kids to go 100 miles an hour or to love every activity.  However, I can and do ask that they listen to the lesson, be coachable and teachable, and attempt what they are taught by participating and doing their best.  I will try and encourage them and remind them that part of learning is attempting new and challenging things. 

Physical education is not free choice recess, it is a class just like any other and a student will be required to do their assignments even through performance and performance assessments.  I do not give very many grades for performance assessment skills but from time to time it is a possibility and those will be reflected in the grades appropriately.