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Math Homework policies

Due to our extended class time of 105 minutes, your child should rarely have homework.  Our class room will be using a series of Math stations during our math time.  These stations include Teacher time, Spiral Review, and basic math multiplication facts practice.  Stations will revolve on an approximate 15 minute rotation allowing some time at the end of class to complete the independent portion of our daily assignment.  This SHOULD allow adequate time to complete all classroom work.  If your child chooses to waste time, they will be asked to complete their work at home.  I understand that everyone has bad days now and then and will take that into consideration.  Homework is not assigned as a punishment or for the sole purpose of an additional grade.  It is very important that students repeatedly practice the steps and processes required to excel at math.  A significant amount of class time is devoted to instruction and practicing of these processes and strategies together as a group.  Homework should never take more than one hour to complete and if your child is struggling or takes too much time, please attach a note.  If you encounter any problem with understanding the assignment, please send a note with your child explaining that he/she needs help.  Working together, we are going to have a great year!